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Success Stories

Lindsay L.

PSW & Mom of 5

“Heather was so helpful to me! I was having a hard time figuring out how to best homeschool all my kids and make it work for our family. She provided practical advice and the reassurance I needed. She also tutored one of my sons on his reading, writing, and math and coached me on how to teach him better as well. She was a great help and I highly recommend her.”

Min Y.

Business Owner & Mom of 2

“My daughter loves going to this program! A perfect balance between daycare and school, TT has her keen on learning the alphabet and trying to sound out every word she sees. The hard work put into curating the content as well as teaching it is apparent. My youngest is excited to join her sister when she’s ready, too!”

John M.

Supervising Principal

“I have come to know her as a committed and dedicated teacher…I am routinely impressed with the degree to which she has developed solid lesson planning skills which meet the learning needs of all students.”

Wes W.

Supervising Principal

“Heather exhibited true joy working with the students in her classes. She made a concerted effort to connect with all students in the class. She used her connections with students to build positive relationships, as well as create meaningful learning opportunities for students. The Grade Four class provided challenges on a variety of different levels and Heather understood the principle that “no one cares what you know, until they know you care”. There was no doubt how much Mrs. Harris-Demelo cared about the students in her class. Heather exhibited many qualities of a team player and dedicated teacher.”

Steven B.

Teaching Supervisor

“(Heather) demonstrated a good level of comfort in her placement, developing a growing rapport with the students during this time. She consistently demonstrated a professional attitude and actively sought information and feedback from her observations.”

Christa J.

CEO & Mom of 2

“I highly recommend Tracing Talent! My kids love Heather and her programming! I’m a homeschooling mama but run my own service based business, so it’s been amazing to have Tracing Talent available to help me with the days I need to work with clients.

Heather makes sure the kids stay active, are having fun learning, and are emotionally supported. They always enjoy it and don’t want to leave.”

Jijo G.

IT Technician & Father of 2

“Jason loved each and every moment at Tracing Talent. Heather is an amazing teacher.”

James E.

Faculty Supervisor

“Heather was a pleasure to watch in the classroom. Her ability to handle a class of primary students was excellent. At the junior level, Heather’s ability was equal. I give Heather my highest recommendations! She appears to possess that seemingly innate sense of teaching and would be a definite asset to the teaching profession. Her dedication is obvious. I am very pleased with her effort and enthusiasm!”

Jerrit B.


“Heather’s plans were well thought out and carried a level of mastery in supporting students of varying abilities. She is a very reflective teacher. Heather built meaningful relationships with her students and invested time to structure a positive and safe classroom. Heather genuinely cared about each child and created opportunities to connect with them. Heather was a dedicated and professional teacher. She is committed to lifelong learning as she continues to improve her craft in being the best she can be.”

Chris T.

Teaching Supervisor

“Heather has a positive attitude toward teaching. She worked well in our classroom. She was professional and showed commitment and responsibility…good rapport with the pupils.”

Kerry R.

Mechanical Director & Father of 2

“Heather is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her. My daughter really enjoyed her time at Tracing Talent.”

Dawn W.

Farmer & Mom of 4

“My son loves working with Heather! I love that his confidence in math and language have improved in such a short time!”

Chris R.

Teaching Supervisor

“Understanding that students learn differently, (she) created lessons that appeal to multiple intelligences… made differentiated assignments for the many levels of my students. I recommend (Heather) to you without reservation.”

Shawn S.

Teaching Supervisor

“She was eager and enthusiastic to help out in every capacity. (She) was flexible to our students’ schedule and readily adapted to situational demands. Her calm demeanor and self-confidence was well received…She was a great asset to our teaching staff and will be missed dearly by the students she supported. I recommend (her) for any teaching position for which she may apply.”

Jennifer H.

Teaching Supervisor

“She is eager to participate in all aspects of classroom life. She asks thoughtful questions and seeks guidance and is constantly reflecting on her lessons and teaching. She has developed a good balance between humour and authority with the students. It was a pleasure having her in our classroom.”

Sandra G.

Teaching Supervisor