Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to have someone else homeschool my child?

Yes it is. On the “Home Education Notification Form,” Section 14 asks you to list the location and name of the person providing the homeschooling if not the parent. We have also clarified this with Alberta Education, and The Education Act.

What is your response to Covid-19?

Tracing Talent follows safety measures to reduce the risk of transmission of illness. Parents can rest easy, knowing their child is receiving the best education, attention, and care. Temperature checks will be taken at entry and hand sanitizing stations will be located at the front door. Masks can be worn if preferred but are currently not mandatory; and physical distancing will happen at meal times and wherever else possible. Hands and surfaces will be cleaned often and sharing items will be limited.

Do you provide meals for the children?

No. We have one teacher and eight children during meal times. Meal preparation time takes away from lesson time. Therefore, all meal/snack items need to be provided by parents. Please ensure that enough food is provided for your child depending upon the amount of hours spent at Tracing Talent. Please ensure all food items adhere to the Canada Food Guide and are healthy options for maintaining strong and happy children! 

Tracing Talent may provide some snacks on special occasions (Baking lessons). If this is planned, you will be notified. There may be times when this is not planned ahead of time! 

Please notify Tracing Talent upon registration of any allergies. All food containers brought from home should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Can you care for my child who has a disability?

Our program has one teacher who has 8 children to educate. If your child has a severe physical, mental or learning disability, we are not in our current capacity able to provide sufficient care for this type of arrangement. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this.

Why do people homeschool?

Please see our article, here, which names the top three reasons people choose homeschooling as the best option for their child’s education.

How do I start the process of homeschooling?

Please see this article which lays out all the steps for starting homeschooling. Here at Tracing Talent, we are happy to assist you in this transition.

How do you provide socialization to students?

Students will gain socialization through their peer group, interaction with other peer groups during meet ups and field trips, and with adults and professional authorities during presentations, trips, and events. Students will also be assisted with developing proper social skills through teacher guidance and socialization lessons which include conflict resolution, problem solving and group work. See our article here.

Are parents permitted to visit the centre?

Parents are encouraged to visit us at any time during the school day as long as they do not have any symptoms of Covid. Parents play a large part in their child’s education and we want to encourage parents to be as involved as they wish in this endeavour.

How does your homeschooling program differ from the online distance learning that school boards offer?

Our Homeschooling Program is referred to as Home Education. This means that a parent (or private teacher in collaboration with the parent) develops their own plan for their child’s learning. They pick and choose which topics they want to focus on and develop lessons and assessments for delivering the materials. 


Parents (and private teachers) register with a Home Education Board. You submit your plans to them and twice a year you have a meeting with a Home Education Manager to go over your goals and how you worked to achieve them. Home Education Managers are a great support and resource. You can also join get-togethers with other homeschooling families who work with the same Home Education Board. 


Online Distance Education is a program in which the school board maintains the same curriculum that is taught in school, but it is online (or sometimes work packages). Teachers may meet online with a group of students on a regular basis and all work is submitted electronically or in person (when returning to in class learning). 


If Online Distance Education is something that interests you, talk to your child’s school about options. If you would like Tracing Talent staff to assist in Online Distance Learning, please call or email to discuss further.

How much do you charge?

We have customized rates to suit the needs of every family! Please call or email to discuss further.

What is your facility like?

Our location is near Westerose, AB. We have a large basement dedicated to the learning classroom. We also have a large dining room for students to eat in. We have a large plot of land that the children can play in with a playground. We have dogs, chickens and rabbits that the children can interact with as well, with parent permission.

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