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Why Choose Us

We Have 14 Years Of Experience

Our approach takes tutoring to the next level. It is holistic and involves the whole family. We guarantee that with our coaching, your child will improve their grades and confidence. This results in a more peaceful family dynamic where both you and your children can flourish and feel empowered.

Our Mission

To help families become a more cohesive unit in order to support their children.

Our Vision

Help your child reach their full potential and live a successful and happy life.

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Why is it called Tracing Talent?

Tracing Talent was given its name because we want to help children trace, discover their talents. What we realized is that it is really difficult for children to spend time figuring out what their talents are when they are struggling with the basics of schooling.

This is why we have shifted gears and are now focusing on helping parents help their kids cover the basics so that children can make more room in their lives for tracing their talents.

Our History

Tracing Talent began as an Educational Dayhome* which served over 10 families its first year. In addition to teaching preschool and elementary aged children during the day, high school students were also receiving tutoring in the evenings.

Before the second year of operation, Tracing Talent changed locations and became a full time tutoring company, some online and some in person.

Tracing Talent is now in its third year of operation and has evolved into not just helping the students who are being tutored, but also helping their parents play a supportive role in their child’s education. 

*Other popular terms for this are: Microschool or Learning Pod.

About Me

My name is Heather (Mrs. HD). I am the Owner & Co-Founder of Tracing Talent. 

My husband and I started homeschooling our own kids in 2020 and knew that it was the best decision we could ever make for our family. We also knew that there would be many learning curves to overcome.

Through my years of teaching in public schools across the country and my husband's years in Educational Technology, we were confident in our ability to not only figure it out, but to figure out the best strategies

Now, we want to pass this knowledge onto others. We want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We want to help you!

 My husband and I and our two boys on our farm.




Years of Experience


Awesome People We've Worked With

Lindsay L.

PSW & Mom of 5

“Heather was so helpful to me! I was having a hard time figuring out how to best homeschool all my kids and make it work for our family. She provided practical advice and the reassurance I needed. She also tutored one of my sons on his reading, writing, and math and coached me on how to teach him better as well. She was a great help and I highly recommend her.”

Christa J.

CEO & Mom of 2

“I highly recommend Tracing Talent! My kids love Heather and her programming! I'm a homeschooling mama but run my own service based business, so it's been amazing to have Tracing Talent available to help me with the days I need to work with clients.

Heather makes sure the kids stay active, are having fun learning, and are emotionally supported. They always enjoy it and don't want to leave.”

Kerry R.

Mechanical Director & Father of 2

“Heather is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her. My daughter really enjoyed her time at Tracing Talent.”