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Tutors do a great job of helping children to build their confidence in school. One things a good tutor will do is gamify learning. That when you make a game our of learning!

Did you know that playing math games with your kids helps them remember math facts better than just rote memorization alone?

This is because children are having fun while they are learning and are using strategies as well as exploring how math facts relate to real life. This concept is discussed in great detail in the paper, “Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts”, by Jo Boaler (Professor of Mathematics Education), Cathy Williams & Amanda Confer.

This has definitely been true for the students of Tracing Talent! We enjoy playing math games together, to improve on fundamental math skills and learn new ones! 

Tracing Talent tutors children online or in-person, near Westerose, Alberta.

Here are 5 FREE math games we play with students Pre-K to Grade 3:

1. Number Scavenger Hunt: Look around the house, classroom, in the newspaper, while driving, etc for any numbers you can find.

2. Counting Objects: Use everyday routines as a chance to practice counting. Count the number of toys you pick up while cleaning. Count the number of seconds it takes you to put your clothes on. Count and line up the number of rocks, leaves, sticks, cars, etc while playing outside.

3. Family (Board) Games: Whether it’s counting spaces on games such as Snakes and Ladders, or Playing Yahtzee and adding or multiplying rolls, math is involved in many family games.

4. Dominoes/Dice: Counting the number of dots on a side of a domino or dice and adding (or multiplying) them together can be lots of fun and it helps kids to quickly recognize what a group of a certain number looks like. This skill is called subitizing.

5. Cards: Use playing cards to count the number of objects, to add or multiply, or even subtract and divide.

Heather Harris-DeMelo


Heather is an Alberta Certified Teacher with 5 years of experience teaching in public school boards. She offers Private Day Home and Education services through Tracing Talent. Contact her today to set up a meeting to discuss the care and education needs of your child!

Online and In-Person Tutoring

Our Tutoring Program is perfect for children who are entering Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12.  The children enrolled in this program receive educational consulting, a personalized assessment and a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) to help them achieve their goals. Lessons are created and delivered by an Alberta Certified Teacher.

Children will receive supports such as:

One-on-One or Small Group Sessions

Independent Activities and Ongoing Support Documents

Videos, Songs and Tutorials

Hands-On Lessons and Manipulatives

Structured Lessons and Technologies

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The T.R.A.C.E.S Framework


Treat the children by talking about something they are interested in (the hook).


Invite the children to remember what they already know about this topic.


Have children seek new information, analyze it, apply it.


Children take this information and apply it to new situations by creating a product.


Children evaluate their product using self checklists and assessments.


Children share this new product with their peers and teach them something new.

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