Alberta School Re-Entry

Did you know that tutoring does not only help boost grades, but boosts confidence, learning skills and positive attitudes towards learning?!

This has definitely been true for the students of Tracing Talent! Our one-on-one lessons allow us to spend quality time with each student and the progress is evident.

One of the areas that Tracing Talent often tutors in is math. Many kids seem to struggle with the way math is taught in school. We work with the students in order to teach to their needs. We break math problems down into steps to make them more manageable. Click below to get a FREE step by step guide that we use to help with MASTERING MATH Word Problems.


Heather Harris-DeMelo


Heather is an Alberta Certified Teacher with 5 years of experience teaching in public school boards. She offers Private Day Home and Education services through Tracing Talent. Contact her today to set up a meeting to discuss the care and education needs of your child!

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Tracing Talent

Making Learning Fun!

About Tracing Talent

Some of the things we do

Personalized Education Plans developed and carried out by a Certified Teacher

Tapping into your child’s uniqueness

Providing children under our care a quality education that supports their passions and builds their skills, giving them the ability to live their best life

Using the best educational technology to enhance teaching and learning

Organizing educational field trips, special activities and other local events

Working with homeschooling boards and groups to develop highly effective home education resources

Sharing the T.R.A.C.E.S lesson framework

Want to learn more?

The T.R.A.C.E.S Framework


Treat the children by talking about something they are interested in (the hook).


Invite the children to remember what they already know about this topic.


Have children seek new information, analyze it, apply it.


Children take this information and apply it to new situations by creating a product.


Children evaluate their product using self checklists and assessments.


Children share this new product with their peers and teach them something new.

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