This is a question that comes up often. It is one that is very personal for a lot of people and some get very fired-up with the inquisition. We have done extensive research into the topic and have found out that parent’s reasoning usually falls into Three Main Categories:

1. Academic:

a) Children who are falling behind require extra attention and support to catch up to their peers.
b) Children who are ahead of their peers often become bored at school and require extra attention and support to fulfil their potential, especially to avoid problem behaviours as a result of boredom.

2. Social:

a) Children attending school may face bullying or even be exposed to violence and trauma.
b) Some children experience social anxiety and have a hard time fitting in and making friends at school, or are being influenced by negative peer groups.

3. Personal:

a) Children who have health issues (ie. allergies, disabilities, mental health, etc) often cannot be adequately cared for at the school level.
b) Parents do not agree with school values, policies and procedures or feel past situations have been inadequately addressed.

Many parents had these concerns before Covid but did not make the change to homeschooling yet but the pandemic was the deciding factor.

People are scared of the risks of sending their child to school and them getting Covid. Or some parents are worried about the sterile, institutional procedures that Covid has forced into schools.

Many parents are also not happy with how the online learning went in March and realize that online learning is not as beneficial as in-person, interactive learning. They want more exciting lessons that are based around their children’s interests and their own work schedule. Many parents want more control over the learning.

But some parents are unable to do the teaching themselves and also want their children to be socialized with other children on a regular basis. These parents are turning to certified teachers who run small classes from their homes: “pandemic pods”

Tracing Talent is one of these.

Tracing Talent takes a common sense approach to homeschooling. We take what works in public schools and help you to bring it home!

Tracing Talent is much more than a day home education service – it is a way of life – a shift in the way teaching and learning occurs. While there is much to be appreciated about the way teaching is carried out in public schools, based on personal experience and hours of research, the teaching methods being used in schools are old and outdated and the school structure just does not work for all children. Many children are uninterested in going to school and have a difficult time applying themselves to the work required. This is to no fault of the teachers or administrators, they are given a hard job and the majority of them are very good at what they do. The shortcomings of the public school system is simply what happens when an organization is greatly slowed by bureaucracy. While stability may be present, progression and innovation is hurt.

Tracing Talent does not face this problem because we’ve discovered how to streamline education. In the age of the internet, educational resources are plentiful and with the use of proven teaching methods, cutting-edge technology, and a handful of apps, one of our teachers can accomplish more than a whole team of teachers using more traditional teaching methods.

We all know that the world is evolving at an exponential speed – don’t let your child be left behind. You are your child’s best advocate! Register them for Tracing Talent today! We are the evolution of day home education services.

Heather Harris-DeMelo


Heather is an Alberta Certified Teacher with 5 years of experience teaching in public school boards. She offers Private Day Home and Education services through Tracing Talent. Contact her today to set up a meeting to discuss the care and education needs of your child!

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