The Government of Alberta has released its school re-entry guidelines for the 2020-21 school year. The guidelines recommend that public schools operate under Scenario 1 of the three when reopening in September. In Scenario 1, schools are fully open for students but with safety measures like Covid screening upon arrival, hand sanitizers provided at the entryway of schools and at the door of classrooms, thorough cleaning of shared areas and frequently touched surfaces, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. 

The guidelines suggest putting students into cohorts (groups) in order to minimize their interaction with each other. Staggering entry, exit, and class change times as well as recess and lunch times. School staff and students are to avoid sharing items and food. Large assemblies and gatherings are to be avoided, and wearing a mask is currently optional. Scenario 1 does not have a limit on class sizes. This has teachers wondering how they are going to be able to implement physical distancing in their classrooms. School districts are able to apply these guidelines as they see fit. The province has released a toolkit for school boards and parents on the particulars of school operations in Scenario 1. 

Premier Kenney says the cases of Covid in children are low and because of this they feel the risk of going back to school is low compared to the mental health and physical health risks of keeping schools closed. Dr. Hinshaw and Minister LaGrange said that there will likely be Covid cases in schools but that their guidelines will assist in containing any cases that may arise.

During the announcement, Premier Kenney made a notable mention of Albertan families who are choosing homeschooling as an alternative to public schooling. Stating that “Alberta has the most generous rules for and in support of homeschooling of any province in Canada,” and many options such as  “blended systems where parents can come together to provide supplementary support for students being homeschooled” exist. He referred to homeschooling as being another option for student education and that the Albertan Government fully supports parents who believe homeschooling is what’s best for their situation. 

Parent reaction to this announcement has been mixed. Homeschool groups on Facebook saw a record increase in new memberships and parents are openly expressing their concerns with the government’s guidelines. Some parents are calling them reckless and say they will be homeschooling their children in September. Many parents feel that sending their child to school is too risky and that they are not confident that schools will be able to maintain the guidelines. Other parents have had issues with the public school system long before Covid and the new guidelines became the deciding factor on whether or not to find alternative schooling for their child.

As interest in homeschooling and alternative schooling continues to grow, there are many parents who want to take their children’s education into their own hands but are unable to. For example, parents who work full time and cannot feasibly teach and care for their children all day. They believe that homeschooling is the best option for their child but are not able or willing to do the homeschooling themselves. There are also parents who are considering homeschooling but still have unanswered questions, for example, “Can a child really get proper socialization or a proper education outside of a traditional school?”

If this sounds like you or someone you know then we have the solution for you! Tracing Talent is a family day home, operating out of Camrose, Alberta, that offers education and homeschooling services. We run from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and during that time we educate your child just like in a public school, but better! Tracing Talent ensures that all children under our care have access to the best technology, educational programs, and apps. We tap into students’ interests and passions, and build upon them, making education fun! We have a class size of 8 and we’re open to students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Students attending Tracing Talent will work individually or in small groups with their classmates, use technology, go on field trips, experience local events, and have structured lessons. 

Our Educational Technologist and Alberta Certified Teacher design and deliver Personalized Education Plans for each student. Our plans are unique and focus on turning weaknesses into strengths and strengths into mastery. We give parents the opportunity to develop the plans with us because we believe parents know their children best and know what’s best for their children. Tracing Talent prides itself on maintaining a family-like atmosphere that nurtures each student and guides them into reaching their full potential. 

Tracing Talent also follows safety measures to reduce the risk of transmission of illness. Parents can rest easy, knowing their child is receiving the best education, attention, and care. Temperature checks will be taken before entry and hand sanitizing stations will be located at the front door. Masks can be worn if preferred but are not mandatory; and physical distancing will happen at meal times and wherever else possible. Hands and surfaces will be cleaned often and sharing items will be limited. 

Are you concerned about your child contracting Covid while attending school? Do you want your child to receive a quality education but want to avoid sending them back to school? Would you like to have your child homeschooled but are unable to do it yourself? Tracing Talent is for you! Have your child homeschooled by professionals. Contact us today to learn more! 

Tracing Talent is looking for its first class to start this September!
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